Friday, August 14, 2009


They finally made it. 5 gorgeous girls and 3 handsome boys. Sutter and I were up all night and once we get some sleep I will get some pictures posted. Mom and babies are doing great. Sutter is being supermom and I can't keep up. She wants to nurse them every hour and they want to sleep on their warm heating pad. I think Sut wants to make sure her milk comes in, so she is barking at me to "help" her and wake them up and put them on her to nurse. It would be funny if I wasn't so tired. It should only take the pups a day to figure out that when they smell mom nearby, to make a bee line to her for food. So my job should be short lived. I am so happy with the variety of blonde colors, from dark to light and the different coats, one or two pretty curly, but most are medium or have straighter coats. There is one really dark blonde, reddish girl, one medium gold girl and 3 creamy blonde girls, and a dark, medium and light of the boys. I thought we were done at 7 pups (and 3 am!) and had just gotten all cleaned up and everybody nursing and I was settling in on the couch when I noticed her starting to contract and push again - that gave us the last, golden, boy. Life is good.

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  1. Awesome Sherri!
    Jen and I want to come see the pups and bring Marlow!