Monday, December 14, 2009

New Pics!

Here is Sally and her brother Charlie! Very cute!

And here are some pics of Roca (formerly CC, the darkest, smallest girl). She looks a lot like her dad!! Wow, looking at these pics right next to each other you can really see the differences in these girls. Sally looks sooo much more like a golden retriever and Roca looks like a doodle. Roca even has her little beard in! What a difference there is between these sisters, of course both of them are absolutely beautiful.

Wow look at those paws! People say that about Ruby, but I think she has little paws, but these paws on Roca look pretty big to me. And she was supposed to be the smallest one!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost 4 months old....

I still have to lift Rubicon up onto our bed when she wants to snuggle with us, and I have been noticing that she is getting heavier and heavier! I just weighed her and she is just a little over 35 lbs. The growth charts I have found on the internet say that to guess their adult weight, take their weight at 4 months and double it! I was really hoping for a smaller dog than 70 -80lbs!!! However I also weighed Sutter because she has been looking very chunky from sneaking all of Ruby's puppy food, and she came in at 60lbs! That is huge for her, so she is going on a diet tomorrow. Sutter normally springs up onto my bed, and she is so heavy that she actually missed yesterday and had to take a second jump. I can't wait for the next set of shots so I can get these girls out and get them some more exercise. All of us need it!