Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sam was over today.....

It was a nice little family reunion. Sam remembered me when I picked him up and when we got home he made a bee line straight for the door to the backyard and his curly blonde girlfriend. He certainly didn't forget us! But I was nicely surprised at how much his hair has grown in. He is about 3 years old now and "fully matured". So I guess there is hope that pups like Ruby might actually end up with some hair after all!

They are in love!

He looks pretty happy! I think he likes coming to visit.

Ruby is so much like her dad. After spending time with Sam again, I noticed all the little things they have in common. The noise she makes when she yawns, the look they both give Sutter when she is trying to boss them around (whatever?).

I tried to keep Ruby inside so her parents could have some alone time....but she was crying and barking and wanted out with them so bad, I finally relented and let her out. It didn't seem to bother the love birds at all. And she followed her dad around like his little shadow.

Look at all his hair! What a cute shaggy guy! I felt like I was giving up some of the doodle looks by using Sam as the stud but I was so happy with his temperament and the temperament of his pups, I was willing to forgo the doodle look for a more golden retriever look. But now I think I got the best of both worlds. His hair just took a little time to grow in!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 Months Old

Hi Everybody,
Well this last litter of pups had their 6 month birthday on Valentines Day. Hope they are all being sweet!!
Ruby is doing great, she is 50 lbs, and about the same height and length as Sutter now. She is still lanky and leggy with hardly any hair!!! She has the beginnings of a beard, in fact a lot of our friends affectionately call her "the bearded lady". So while I think she looks a little funny, I also think she has the best temperment of any dog we have ever had. Everybody is her friend, she lives to please, my boys can walk her on a leash without getting pulled around, she is a huge snuggler and we love her to death. I think she could also turn out to be quite a bird dog. She is always watching the birds, and we recently noticed her starting to point at them in the backyard. So I started working on retrieving and dropping the toy at my feet so if my husband gets a chance to take her pheasant hunting, she will know how to do her job. I think the pointing and flushing will come naturally to her, but getting the dog to give up the bird is usually the hardest part. However, she has such a crush on my husband, she does anything he asks, so I know she will gladly hand over a bird to him. And the crush goes both way. Recently, she got sick and I just KNEW that she had swallowed a lego and it was stuck and she would need surgery to get it out. I had taken some legos out of her mouth the night before and gotten mad at the boys for leaving them on the floor and sure enough about 4 am she started throwing up and was sick all that day. I had a vet appt for her the next morning and was up worried about her all night and didn't notice until after the crisis had passed (literally, she passed whatever the problem was and ended up just fine) that my husband didn't once say anything about the impending vet bill for a surgery. That is not like him at all, anything over $1000 at the vet, he needs to really think about (and complain about). When I called him on it later, he said "Well, she is the best dog we've ever had, of course we would find a way to pay for whatever she needs". Hmmmm sounds like she is a keeper.
Let me know what you think about your pups. Make a comment on this site or send me an email at , I am anxious to hear back from all of you because I am trying to decide if Sutter should have one last litter and if so, if the daddy should be Maxximus, the big black poodle stud or Sam, the smaller goldendoodle stud.