Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Again!!!

Poor little Dungey. My sweet little curly boy. First, my friend picked him out as a gift for her mother-in-law. So I kind of had him earmarked as "sold" for her. But then her mother-in-law decided she needed to wait until next summer for a new pup.

Then, Penny, the owner of the stud Sam, picked him out as her pick of the litter to take home and raise with his dad. So then he was set aside again as "sold" for Penny. But Penny decided her friend Nancy needed a pup more than she did, so she gave her pick of the litter to Nancy. And Nancy fell in love with Poto/Sherman. So Dungey was homeless again!!!!

Then Lori came over and decided she wanted him, that he would be the perfect companion for her in her retirement years and would help her get over her fear of big dogs. So one more time, this guy was "sold". But then today Lori tells me that her homeowners association only allows small dogs, not large ones. Well he isn't going to be small!!! So now the poor guy is back to being "available" and homeless.

Who wouldn't love that face. So now I need to find him a good home again. He has really changed in the last couple of weeks. He is getting BIG. Only Sherman is bigger than he is. And he is getting fluffy, he is definitely going to have that curly, hypo-allergenic, shed free coat. He has also gained his confidence and is always one of the first pups to look me in the eye and say hello when he sees me. I can also always count on him to come when I call (not all of the pups pay attention to me!). He is becoming my little buddy. He is learning to not jump up on me when he wants me to pick him up, he is sitting patiently and giving me a sad look with his big brown eyes, which always gets him picked up and then I am covered in kisses. He is going to make somebody an excellent best friend.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Irish, sleeping like an angel.

This is one of my favorite pictures and so typical of the reasonable Reed, now named Chase. I just know he is thinking "if I stare at those nipples long enough, maybe she will give me a little sip!"

Dungey and Chase, "It's not us boys chewing on the rug, it is only CC." Right, like I believe that!

And the big Sherman tank, thinking about taking a swim. Then again, maybe not.

Dungey and CC are getting to be adventurous, they have figured out how to make it up the hill to play along the fence and under the big redwood trees. That used to be Sutter's safe area, her way to get away from them, but still be able to keep an eye on them. I guess it isn't safe anymore!

Sweet little Mari, now named Kona, taking a nap inside and wondering why I am bugging her and trying to make her look at me for a picture.

Ruby and Daffy napping together.

Daffy doesn't mind sitting for a picture, she even cocked her head to the side to look extra cute!

It seems like just last week that they were falling off that step and landing on their faces in the dirt. Wait, it was just last week! Now Irish can take it in a leap.

CC says "What? I wasn't chewing on the chair"

"Okay, maybe I was, just a little bit!"

Sherman and Ruby playing tug of war with Garfield.

Sherman won!

Some of the girls, Irish, Daffy and Kona playing.

Dungey found a stick.

He is a cute boy (Sherman) even if he is a huge dork!

But then I felt something chewing on my heel and turned around.....maybe he isn't so cute and is just a little stinker!

Kona taking on Sherman. Even the little girls can take the big guy down.

Kona looks pretty proud of herself. Girls rule, boys drool!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Everybody has a home.

I am happy that everybody found a fabulous home. But I am also a little sad. Daffy is going home early. She leaves this weekend since she is traveling all the way to Bakersfield (the furthest of all the pups) and this weekend is easier for her new family to make the long trip. I am sure Heather and her family will take great care of her (3 little girls to spoil her) and she will be very happy. But I'm still a little sad........I'll just have to remember to treasure every minute of the next week and a half or so. October 8th is looming closer and closer.

Just 1 little girl left!


Both Dungey and Reed have found their new forever homes and there is somebody thinking really hard about Daffy and promised to let me know her decision by tonight. So I might be all done with the "selling" part of the pups and answering email and phone call questions and have more time to get pictures of them posted for their new families as they grow these last 2 weeks! Reed who's new name is Chase is going home with Matt and Erica. Chase is going to be a companion/service dog for Matt and give him a pull in his wheelchair and maybe some help picking things up. And of course that means that he gets to go to work with Matt and anywhere else they want to take him. I am so happy for Chase. He is going to have a great life. Erica is an allergy sufferer, so she really needed to make sure she could handle being around these pups without her allergies kicking in. She did pretty well in my house, which of course has Sutter and 8 puppies and constant doggie visitors. I am sure with just one pup in her own house she will do great. I can't wait to see pictures of him growing up and hear about all the places they take him and how he does with his new "job". Dungey is going home with Lori. Lori has NEVER had a dog before and is actually terrified of big dogs. She is very recently retired and her son is gone off to college so she had a little bit of the empty next syndrome going on and when sombody suggested a dog, she did her research and decided on a goldendoodle. Of course, we all know they are the best dog in the whole world, but she also thought this would be a great opportunity to get over her fear of big dogs since being bitten by a German Shepard 25 years ago. She asked that when she came over to look at the puppies, that I keep Sutter locked up in a different room so she didn't have to see her or interact with her. Well.......I was on the fence about this. I simply can't sell a pup to somebody that I am not sure is going to be able to handle it well and raise it correctly, with rules and love. My fear was that this pup would get a couple of months old and get a little crazy, running, jumping, chewing, and she would be afraid of him. Then we have an unhappy Lori with a wild dog and an uphappy puppy with bad habits. But Lori insisted she could do this and was going to educate herself and be a great dog owner. What I didn't tell her was that if when she came to visit, she couldn't at least meet Sutter, and give her a little pat on the head, I wasn't going to be able to sell her a pup. I did plan on talking to her about it and telling her when I was letting Sutter out. But of course my husband was home and didn't know why Sutter was locked up in my bedroom and let her out. So Lori (and I) got a bit of a surprise when Sutter came bounding out of the house to see us in the backyard with the puppies. Well all of you have met Sutter, and when you ring the doorbell, she barks. A lot sometimes. Then she calms down and is fine. Sutter had to have sensed Lori's fears because she might have let out 2-3 small yips and then walked right on by Lori. She kept coming back to Lori and giving her a sniff or a tail wag occasionally, then went back to checking on her pups and patrolling her yard to make sure nothing had happend while she was locked up stairs to threaten her babies. Eventually on one of Sutter's cruises by her, Lori was brave enough to stick her hand out for Sutter to smell. Then after a lick or two from Sutter on her hand I talked Lori into just putting her hand on Sutter's head. And of course it was a done deal from there. They made friends and Lori loved how soft she was and was so proud of herself and couldn't believe she was standing there petting a big dog. Then Sutter rolled around on her back at Lori's feet and Lori even felt comfortable holding her pup while Sutter was right next to her. I think Lori was afraid Sutter would be upset at her for holding the pup. Of course that isn't a problem for Sutter and I have the pics to prove it. Congratulations Lori. I think you are going to be a great match for little Dungey and he is going to love having your undivided attention!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still 2 boys and a girl, but different boys!!!

Penny (the owner of the stud) had
picked out little Dungey as her pup but decided her good friend Nancy needed a pup more than she did. So Nancy came over to play with the pups and while she really liked Dungey, she fell in love with Poto. So now Poto has a new home picked out and Dungey is available. Nancy has decided that Poto is built like a big Sherman tank and now his name is going to be Sherman.
These are recent pics of Dungey. He is getting fluffy and curly and he is lightening up a little. So depending on the light, he looks more strawberry blonde. Still apricot around his face and ears, but the rest of his body is a pretty lighter blonde with hints of strawberry. He is also growing more confident. Sutter has been spending some one on one time with him and he has really come around, he definitely holds his own in the pack without any worries. He has gained confidence and is more sure of himself. He is undoubtably one of the more affectionate pups. Always the first one to give you a kiss! This little guy is without a doubt, one of those cases (as with most pups) where if you put in a little time and effort, it will be returned to you, tenfold!!!! And of course, his little face has always been the cutest of the litter!
This is Daffy. The one little girl still available. It is a little hard to see, but she is lightening up in color also. She even has a little white patch on her chest. If I am grabbing puppies, the minute I get my hands around Daffy, without even looking, I know who I have. Her tummy gives her away. She is such a chunker. She looks small, but there is some weight to her!!! And in a crowd of pups, she is usually the one with her tail up and wagging. And while she is happy to play with her littermates, once she spots a person (especially with shoelaces) she would rather follow and play with that person. A sweet, happy little girl.

This is Reed. My little gentleman. He is so sweet, with the softest brown eyes and curly ears. He also has a little white patch on his chest and while his coat looks straight, it has that fuzzy sheep type feeling to it. So I think it is a pretty safe bet that he will be a no-shedder. Sutter has also been spending some one on one time with him (so far I really notice her playing with the 3 boys the most) and he is getting more confident and sure of himself. Joining in and playing more and bouncing around the yard. While Dungey used to seem anxious to me, Reed used to seem shy. It is amazing what a couple of weeks and time with littermates and mom can do for these guys. Both of them are so well adjusted now. Not a bit of shyness or anxiousness left in either of them. I think they used to let Irish be the alpha female and they were intimidated by her - but that is no longer the case. Irish has calmed down and the boys are taking over!!!

I am also happy to let you know that they are practically potty training themselves. I let them out in the morning and they rush outside to do their business. There are still accidents at night, but nothing like they were even a week ago. And when they are napping inside in the morning or afternoon, they let me know when they want outside to play and they rush outside and they start squatting left and right. About half of them have even figured out that Sutter uses one spot in the yard as her bathroom (off to the side in the rocks) and they are starting to go there also. Much nicer for me than all over the lawn!!!! And I can't take credit for that, they figured that out all on their own. But now in the evenings, I usually pick out a pup or two that is awake and let them spend some time playing in the family room with us and Sutter and instead of just taking them out to go potty (anywhere but inside!) before playtime, I am taking them to the designated doggie bathroom in our yard and they are doing awesome!!!
I am amazed at how far this litter has come so quickly. They must be doggie geniuses!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Saturday!

The puppies are at their absolute cutest right now. I will take more pics today and post them. It is hard to get good pics because they don't spend a lot of time standing still for me! We have lots of visitors coming by today and tomorrow so feel free to stop by this weekend. We are all puppies, all the time! And to all of our new families, please remember, it is an open door policy. You can come visit your new pup anytime! If you picked out your pup a couple of weeks ago, you might not recognize him/her now. They are in full action mode. Running and jumping and playing. I am giving them several hours in the morning and afternoon loose in the backyard with Sutter. She needs to spend this time with them to teach them some manners. They have recently found their voices and are starting to bark and growl at everything. She (and I) are teaching them when barking and growling is appropriate. It is pretty funny when you pick up a pup and they growl at you while at the same time they are licking your face. They obviously don't know that they aren't supposed to make growly noises at their humans. And they are learning that barking at inanimate objects (toys, plants) doesn't produce any results. This age is so important for them. Interaction with each other, their mom and people is going to shape them for the rest of their lives, so come on by and visit.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Two boys and a girl!

Here are the cute boys that are still available. Reed is on the left and Poto on the right. They are both sweet boys. Poto is a little larger, bigger boned with a chunkier head. He is built more like a golden retriever. And Reed is a little smaller, lighter boned and narrower face. He is built a little more poodle like. The same goes with the coat, Reed is an ashy blonde (hard to tell in these pics) and a little more wooley coated (poodle coated) and Poto is a golden blonde with a straighter coat (golden ret coated).
Reed is a little quieter and sometimes shy, Poto is a big goof ball who likes to nap. Reed likes to
observe what is going on around him, and joins in
the fun when he can't resist anymore and Poto is
either in the middle of the fun, in the middle of a
nap or the middle of the food bowl. They are both
awesome little boys for the right home.

Here is Daffodil. She is really tearing my heart out and making me wish I could keep 2 pups. She is so people oriented and her tail is constantly in motion. When the pups are all in a group playing, she is always the first one to wander over and find a person to play with instead of a pup. And the minute she gets any attention directed at her, that tail starts going. She is a lover and will make the most devoted pet for a very lucky person or family. She is the chunkiest girl, bigger boned and a chunky head. I think she and Poto look a lot alike. They are even the same pretty color of gold and have a very soft, straighter coat.

It is funny in a litter of F2s there is usually a lot of
variety in the pups. And this litter does have it's variety, but some of the pups really favor each other, in looks and personality. Daffy and Poto are very similar, just a female and male version of each other. Reed and Lila/Ruby are very similar in personality and bone structure. Reed does have a more wooly coat and ashy color than Ruby, but their temperment is so similar it is crazy. Mari and CC are a lot alike in just about every way. As they get older, it is getting harder for even me to tell them apart unless they are side by side. Then I can see the differences. That leaves Irish and Dungey. I think they are the two Alphas of this litter. Irish of course the female version and Dungey the male. They look
nothing alike, in fact almost opposites. And complete individuals. Irish is always checking out what is going on around her, very sure of herself and the first one to answer me with a little yip when I am talking to them. Dungey seems to be trying to decide if he is the Alpha or not. I think he wants to be, but needs a little more confidence. The other two boys (Reed and Poto) aren't going to challenge him at all, they soooo don't care. So that leaves Dungey as the Alpha male by default! Fortunately Dungey is going home to live with his dad, Sam, and their owner Penny, when he is 8 weeks old. Sam is going to be a great dad and companion for Dungey and having him to look up to and learn from will give Dungey all the confidence and self esteem that he needs to be a very happy well adjusted pup!!! Sometimes these things just work out perfectly!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quick update

For those that are looking or keeping track, Irish, Mari, Lila, and CC are spoken for. The pups that are still available are Daffy, and the 3 boys, Dungey, Reed and Poto. Hope everybody is having a great holiday weekend.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a beautiful day to head outside!

All the pups getting ready for a nap after tromping around on the grass. That is Irish in the back, standing guard over her pack.

Mari crashing on her brother.

Irish, looking like an angel.

Reed, what a sweet boy!

Dungey, tucking in between sisters.

Puppies and kids, what a great Saturday.

My boys love these pups! They have been waiting for this day for months! They couldn't wait to lay down and have the pups crawl all over them. The pups did not disappoint.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loving that Food!

Eating must be really hard work. Daffy was too tired to even get out of the bowl!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I know they aren't 3 weeks old yet, but they just seemed like they were still hungry after Sutter was done nursing them. There was a lot of whining last night and today before settling down for a nap after eating. So I blended up some puppy food with some puppy formula and let them go for it. They had a great time. I really didn't expect them to get the hang of it, usually the first day or two of food is more about playing in it than actually eating it. But they must have been hungry because they "got it" right away. I can't believe how much they actually ate. So I have another batch of food ready and will warm it up and give it to them before bed tonight and we will see how they sleep. That is Mari with her whole body in the bowl!