Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Saturday!

The puppies are at their absolute cutest right now. I will take more pics today and post them. It is hard to get good pics because they don't spend a lot of time standing still for me! We have lots of visitors coming by today and tomorrow so feel free to stop by this weekend. We are all puppies, all the time! And to all of our new families, please remember, it is an open door policy. You can come visit your new pup anytime! If you picked out your pup a couple of weeks ago, you might not recognize him/her now. They are in full action mode. Running and jumping and playing. I am giving them several hours in the morning and afternoon loose in the backyard with Sutter. She needs to spend this time with them to teach them some manners. They have recently found their voices and are starting to bark and growl at everything. She (and I) are teaching them when barking and growling is appropriate. It is pretty funny when you pick up a pup and they growl at you while at the same time they are licking your face. They obviously don't know that they aren't supposed to make growly noises at their humans. And they are learning that barking at inanimate objects (toys, plants) doesn't produce any results. This age is so important for them. Interaction with each other, their mom and people is going to shape them for the rest of their lives, so come on by and visit.

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