Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still 2 boys and a girl, but different boys!!!

Penny (the owner of the stud) had
picked out little Dungey as her pup but decided her good friend Nancy needed a pup more than she did. So Nancy came over to play with the pups and while she really liked Dungey, she fell in love with Poto. So now Poto has a new home picked out and Dungey is available. Nancy has decided that Poto is built like a big Sherman tank and now his name is going to be Sherman.
These are recent pics of Dungey. He is getting fluffy and curly and he is lightening up a little. So depending on the light, he looks more strawberry blonde. Still apricot around his face and ears, but the rest of his body is a pretty lighter blonde with hints of strawberry. He is also growing more confident. Sutter has been spending some one on one time with him and he has really come around, he definitely holds his own in the pack without any worries. He has gained confidence and is more sure of himself. He is undoubtably one of the more affectionate pups. Always the first one to give you a kiss! This little guy is without a doubt, one of those cases (as with most pups) where if you put in a little time and effort, it will be returned to you, tenfold!!!! And of course, his little face has always been the cutest of the litter!
This is Daffy. The one little girl still available. It is a little hard to see, but she is lightening up in color also. She even has a little white patch on her chest. If I am grabbing puppies, the minute I get my hands around Daffy, without even looking, I know who I have. Her tummy gives her away. She is such a chunker. She looks small, but there is some weight to her!!! And in a crowd of pups, she is usually the one with her tail up and wagging. And while she is happy to play with her littermates, once she spots a person (especially with shoelaces) she would rather follow and play with that person. A sweet, happy little girl.

This is Reed. My little gentleman. He is so sweet, with the softest brown eyes and curly ears. He also has a little white patch on his chest and while his coat looks straight, it has that fuzzy sheep type feeling to it. So I think it is a pretty safe bet that he will be a no-shedder. Sutter has also been spending some one on one time with him (so far I really notice her playing with the 3 boys the most) and he is getting more confident and sure of himself. Joining in and playing more and bouncing around the yard. While Dungey used to seem anxious to me, Reed used to seem shy. It is amazing what a couple of weeks and time with littermates and mom can do for these guys. Both of them are so well adjusted now. Not a bit of shyness or anxiousness left in either of them. I think they used to let Irish be the alpha female and they were intimidated by her - but that is no longer the case. Irish has calmed down and the boys are taking over!!!

I am also happy to let you know that they are practically potty training themselves. I let them out in the morning and they rush outside to do their business. There are still accidents at night, but nothing like they were even a week ago. And when they are napping inside in the morning or afternoon, they let me know when they want outside to play and they rush outside and they start squatting left and right. About half of them have even figured out that Sutter uses one spot in the yard as her bathroom (off to the side in the rocks) and they are starting to go there also. Much nicer for me than all over the lawn!!!! And I can't take credit for that, they figured that out all on their own. But now in the evenings, I usually pick out a pup or two that is awake and let them spend some time playing in the family room with us and Sutter and instead of just taking them out to go potty (anywhere but inside!) before playtime, I am taking them to the designated doggie bathroom in our yard and they are doing awesome!!!
I am amazed at how far this litter has come so quickly. They must be doggie geniuses!

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