Tuesday, June 29, 2010

7 weeks old!

Sherman came to visit us today

Sherman was ready to play! Bindi (Cinnamon) wasn't so sure. He is very big and hairy!!!

But Barkely wasn't intimidated by him at all. I think Barkley is going to be a lot like Sherman when he grows up! Sherman didn't know what that cone thing was around Barkely's head, so he had to give it a chew.

Ruby was happy to play with him and we went for a walk together. Hard to believe they are littermates. Those two are polar opposites!!!

He has never had a haircut and I think he looks more like a sheepdog than a doodle! But a very cute and very sweet sheepdog!

Just a shot of Ruby climbing a tree while we were in Ashland, OR. What a dork!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Even Cuter!

Barkley playing with Honey

Honey using the "big" dogs water bowl

Sugar and Cinnamon playing

They are getting big!

The pups are getting tired of being in their corral! The minute they see one of us or one of the big dogs, they cry to come out and play. I don't mind at all because the more exercise and playtime they get with us and the big dogs, the more they are socialized and the better they sleep!

Honey and Sugar

Honey, Cinnamon and Sugar

Sugar, Barkley, Cinnamon and Honey

Honey with Sugar on the left and Cinnamon and Barkley peeking around on the right.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

4 weeks old

Well they are 4 weeks old now, eating food, still working on weaning a little bit and almost sleeping through the night. They also enjoyed the beautiful Memorial Day weekend and got to play in the back yard. Big sister Ruby was thrilled!!! She finally got to play with the little guys.

Sutter and Ruby had a great time with them outside. Now they bark at me a couple of times a day to let me know that it is time let the pups out in the yard to play with them. The pups play for about 30 minutes then crash for a couple of hour nap!!! Just like babies, the fresh air is good for them and wears them out.

Ruby is more of a worry wart than her mom. I think Sutter has learned to relax over the years with the pups, but this is a first for Ruby and she runs around checking on all of them. Since there are only 4 pups, I think she can keep track of them all and notices when one is missing or has wandered away and goes looking for it. She gives the wandering pup a little bark and nudge with her nose to get it going back in the direction she wants it to. Pretty funny. And the pups love Ruby, they just don't understand why she doesn't have nipples and let them nurse!