Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Irish, sleeping like an angel.

This is one of my favorite pictures and so typical of the reasonable Reed, now named Chase. I just know he is thinking "if I stare at those nipples long enough, maybe she will give me a little sip!"

Dungey and Chase, "It's not us boys chewing on the rug, it is only CC." Right, like I believe that!

And the big Sherman tank, thinking about taking a swim. Then again, maybe not.

Dungey and CC are getting to be adventurous, they have figured out how to make it up the hill to play along the fence and under the big redwood trees. That used to be Sutter's safe area, her way to get away from them, but still be able to keep an eye on them. I guess it isn't safe anymore!

Sweet little Mari, now named Kona, taking a nap inside and wondering why I am bugging her and trying to make her look at me for a picture.

Ruby and Daffy napping together.

Daffy doesn't mind sitting for a picture, she even cocked her head to the side to look extra cute!

It seems like just last week that they were falling off that step and landing on their faces in the dirt. Wait, it was just last week! Now Irish can take it in a leap.

CC says "What? I wasn't chewing on the chair"

"Okay, maybe I was, just a little bit!"

Sherman and Ruby playing tug of war with Garfield.

Sherman won!

Some of the girls, Irish, Daffy and Kona playing.

Dungey found a stick.

He is a cute boy (Sherman) even if he is a huge dork!

But then I felt something chewing on my heel and turned around.....maybe he isn't so cute and is just a little stinker!

Kona taking on Sherman. Even the little girls can take the big guy down.

Kona looks pretty proud of herself. Girls rule, boys drool!

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