Monday, September 14, 2009

Two boys and a girl!

Here are the cute boys that are still available. Reed is on the left and Poto on the right. They are both sweet boys. Poto is a little larger, bigger boned with a chunkier head. He is built more like a golden retriever. And Reed is a little smaller, lighter boned and narrower face. He is built a little more poodle like. The same goes with the coat, Reed is an ashy blonde (hard to tell in these pics) and a little more wooley coated (poodle coated) and Poto is a golden blonde with a straighter coat (golden ret coated).
Reed is a little quieter and sometimes shy, Poto is a big goof ball who likes to nap. Reed likes to
observe what is going on around him, and joins in
the fun when he can't resist anymore and Poto is
either in the middle of the fun, in the middle of a
nap or the middle of the food bowl. They are both
awesome little boys for the right home.

Here is Daffodil. She is really tearing my heart out and making me wish I could keep 2 pups. She is so people oriented and her tail is constantly in motion. When the pups are all in a group playing, she is always the first one to wander over and find a person to play with instead of a pup. And the minute she gets any attention directed at her, that tail starts going. She is a lover and will make the most devoted pet for a very lucky person or family. She is the chunkiest girl, bigger boned and a chunky head. I think she and Poto look a lot alike. They are even the same pretty color of gold and have a very soft, straighter coat.

It is funny in a litter of F2s there is usually a lot of
variety in the pups. And this litter does have it's variety, but some of the pups really favor each other, in looks and personality. Daffy and Poto are very similar, just a female and male version of each other. Reed and Lila/Ruby are very similar in personality and bone structure. Reed does have a more wooly coat and ashy color than Ruby, but their temperment is so similar it is crazy. Mari and CC are a lot alike in just about every way. As they get older, it is getting harder for even me to tell them apart unless they are side by side. Then I can see the differences. That leaves Irish and Dungey. I think they are the two Alphas of this litter. Irish of course the female version and Dungey the male. They look
nothing alike, in fact almost opposites. And complete individuals. Irish is always checking out what is going on around her, very sure of herself and the first one to answer me with a little yip when I am talking to them. Dungey seems to be trying to decide if he is the Alpha or not. I think he wants to be, but needs a little more confidence. The other two boys (Reed and Poto) aren't going to challenge him at all, they soooo don't care. So that leaves Dungey as the Alpha male by default! Fortunately Dungey is going home to live with his dad, Sam, and their owner Penny, when he is 8 weeks old. Sam is going to be a great dad and companion for Dungey and having him to look up to and learn from will give Dungey all the confidence and self esteem that he needs to be a very happy well adjusted pup!!! Sometimes these things just work out perfectly!

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  1. These pups are adorable!!!! I do love puppies. I've been following them since birth : ) Great job Sherri.
    Patricia Uffelman