Monday, September 28, 2009

Just 1 little girl left!


Both Dungey and Reed have found their new forever homes and there is somebody thinking really hard about Daffy and promised to let me know her decision by tonight. So I might be all done with the "selling" part of the pups and answering email and phone call questions and have more time to get pictures of them posted for their new families as they grow these last 2 weeks! Reed who's new name is Chase is going home with Matt and Erica. Chase is going to be a companion/service dog for Matt and give him a pull in his wheelchair and maybe some help picking things up. And of course that means that he gets to go to work with Matt and anywhere else they want to take him. I am so happy for Chase. He is going to have a great life. Erica is an allergy sufferer, so she really needed to make sure she could handle being around these pups without her allergies kicking in. She did pretty well in my house, which of course has Sutter and 8 puppies and constant doggie visitors. I am sure with just one pup in her own house she will do great. I can't wait to see pictures of him growing up and hear about all the places they take him and how he does with his new "job". Dungey is going home with Lori. Lori has NEVER had a dog before and is actually terrified of big dogs. She is very recently retired and her son is gone off to college so she had a little bit of the empty next syndrome going on and when sombody suggested a dog, she did her research and decided on a goldendoodle. Of course, we all know they are the best dog in the whole world, but she also thought this would be a great opportunity to get over her fear of big dogs since being bitten by a German Shepard 25 years ago. She asked that when she came over to look at the puppies, that I keep Sutter locked up in a different room so she didn't have to see her or interact with her. Well.......I was on the fence about this. I simply can't sell a pup to somebody that I am not sure is going to be able to handle it well and raise it correctly, with rules and love. My fear was that this pup would get a couple of months old and get a little crazy, running, jumping, chewing, and she would be afraid of him. Then we have an unhappy Lori with a wild dog and an uphappy puppy with bad habits. But Lori insisted she could do this and was going to educate herself and be a great dog owner. What I didn't tell her was that if when she came to visit, she couldn't at least meet Sutter, and give her a little pat on the head, I wasn't going to be able to sell her a pup. I did plan on talking to her about it and telling her when I was letting Sutter out. But of course my husband was home and didn't know why Sutter was locked up in my bedroom and let her out. So Lori (and I) got a bit of a surprise when Sutter came bounding out of the house to see us in the backyard with the puppies. Well all of you have met Sutter, and when you ring the doorbell, she barks. A lot sometimes. Then she calms down and is fine. Sutter had to have sensed Lori's fears because she might have let out 2-3 small yips and then walked right on by Lori. She kept coming back to Lori and giving her a sniff or a tail wag occasionally, then went back to checking on her pups and patrolling her yard to make sure nothing had happend while she was locked up stairs to threaten her babies. Eventually on one of Sutter's cruises by her, Lori was brave enough to stick her hand out for Sutter to smell. Then after a lick or two from Sutter on her hand I talked Lori into just putting her hand on Sutter's head. And of course it was a done deal from there. They made friends and Lori loved how soft she was and was so proud of herself and couldn't believe she was standing there petting a big dog. Then Sutter rolled around on her back at Lori's feet and Lori even felt comfortable holding her pup while Sutter was right next to her. I think Lori was afraid Sutter would be upset at her for holding the pup. Of course that isn't a problem for Sutter and I have the pics to prove it. Congratulations Lori. I think you are going to be a great match for little Dungey and he is going to love having your undivided attention!!!!

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