Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

More Pictures

Look, little CC finally showed me her eyes. Here she is with her big blonde brother, Reed. He wouldn't wake up for anything!

Awww, how cute. CC and Reed taken a nap.

Here is Daffy and Poto. Poto is a big guy and Daffy's head is almost as big as his! She is the heaviest girl and she is just round and chunky all over.

Daffy with her eyes open!

This is Dungey sleeping on top of his sister Mari. They are about the same size but I think Dungey's coat is just a little bit lighter in color.

Here are Irish and Lila sleeping together and Lila with her eyes open. These are the two girls that are sold.

Our Eyes Are Open!

Hey, we can see! This is Poto showing me his eyes. He is hoping I am Sutter and he can get a free meal. Before today, Sutter would have to jump in their box and they would smell her, feel the vibration of her jumping in and maybe hear her before they started scrambling for a nipple, but now they are looking around for her. She can't walk by the box and stick her head in and check on them like she used to. Now they smell her, hear her and see her. Puppy pandemonium! "Mom, can't you see we are starving!" Poto especially isn't starving, he is the heaviest at almost 3 lbs.

CC is too busy sleeping to show me her open eyes. She just ate and needed her beauty sleep. It is hard to get pics of them with their eyes open. They are either sleeping or eating. Not much of anything else. I have seen the beginnings of play time. Dungey was chewing on one of his sisters last night and she turned around and grabbed his leg. So I bet in the next couple of days they will figure out it is fun to play and start sleeping less - then I will be able to get pics and some cute video.
Sutter is just getting mauled by these guys! They have gotten so big. I might need to start supplementing their food before 3 weeks if they keep growing like this.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

By the way....

I realized that I put pricing in the ad in the Sac Bee but didn't list it on here - for those that have heard about the pups without seeing the ad.... the price for a pup is $975, and a $300 deposit will hold your choice of pup for you. (Irish and Lila are spoken for already and somebody is thinking very hard about Dungey)

Their eyes are starting to open, most of them have the inside corners open and a couple (Dungey, Irish, and Reed) have an their eyes almost all the way open. I should be able to get some decent pics of them showing their new eyes in the next couple of days and post them. They are getting cuter and cuter! I think Sutter is down to 1 feeding a night for them. So soon they should be sleeping through the night. Pretty good for not even 2 weeks old. I will start them on a mixture of blended puppy food and formula at 3 weeks and Sutter might still supplement with a feeding at night - at least until their teeth get too sharp. They are going to a dirt bike race with us this weekend. It should be interesting. We are putting together a make shift whelping box in the dinette area of the motorhome. So they will be contained but Sutter will still be able to get to them. I hope we get some sleep! My younger son Josh is begging me to take the puppies into his classroom to show everybody. I talked to his teacher and we agreed that it would be best for the pups and the kids for me to just bring 1 pup at the very end of class. So today I am taking Lila in - I might hide her in one of those little doggie carrying bags that women use for their little toy dogs so I don't get mobbed from all the other kids getting out of class. It can be overwhelming with that many hands (germy!) reaching to pet a pup. I am sure Lila will sleep through the whole things, but I will be a wreck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More pups!

This big guy is Farley! He is the single pup that came from Sutter and Sam's last mating (I was off on the timing of the mating obviously). He is 8 months old and 65 lbs in this picture. As you can see, he definitely looks more like a golden retriever than a doodle. But his family is happy to report that he does not shed. Yeah!! They love him to pieces and say he is great with their older goldendoodle, Cassidy and is an extremely quick learner, very bright, sweet and totally devoted to them. They say on his walks in the park he doesn't need a leash and never wanders too far from them. Originally Liz had wanted a blonde female goldendoodle just like her beloved Cassidy who is getting up there in age. So her children purchased a pup from my next litter for her as a Christmas gift. But then the next litter ended up being just Farley - definitely not a curly, blonde female. Liz decided to wait for her girl until the next litter but in the meantime paid Sutter and her one little red boy a visit. Well, sometimes these pups make our decisions for us and Liz ended up with the exact opposite of what she planned. But she said she couldn't be happier and wouldn't want it any other way. I believe that most of the pups from this litter will have the straighter coat like Farley does.

These pics are of Cali and Roux. Two curly blonde girls from Sutters first litter with Maxximus, the black poodle. Roux's parents Ashley and Ben were one of the first people to purchase a pup from that litter and I think Ashely went home and told the whole world about these pups. She ended up having her mother-in-law, Donna, purchase Cali, the other blonde female, and her good friends Jason and Jen purchase Marlow, the big blonde male. So Cali and Roux get to play together often and also see Marlow. A big happy doodle family! The above pic is Cali playing frisbee with her mom at the ocean. And below are Cali and Roux at about 3 months taking a break from playtime.

And this is a young Cali looking cute at the ocean. I think Cali is the girl from this litter that looks the most like Sutter and her mom, Donna, loves her so much she decided to take home Irish from this litter and might even breed her when she turns 2 years old.

1 week old (well 8-9 days)

Everybody has just about doubled their weight and is right around 2 lbs. Poto and Reed are the biggest, which is very surprising to us. We had labeled Poto as the one who could never find a nipple and Reed as the very laid back one who would rather sleep than do anything else. But obviously we were wrong because they are the biggest!!! Dungey (the darkest boy) and CC (the darkest girl) are the two smallest at about 1.75 lbs. Sutter is starting to space out the feedings and is actually getting out of the whelping box for an hour or two at a time. A nice break for her and they are learning to sleep on their own, without mom, and have been fairly quiet at night. So a full night's sleep for me the last 2 or 3 nights. Yeah! The picture below is of the 3 boys, Reed, Dungey and Poto on top.

Here is a close up of Poto's face as he sleeps on his brothers. He is turning into quite a looker with that big chunky golden retriever head! It is about the same size as Reed's now. Dungey is our sweet little runt boy, the one who is going to be most like his dad in personality and color. He would be awesome for a family with small children.

Here are 4 of the girls. Lila, Daffy and Mari sleeping on CC. Daffy is the heaviest girl, but I think Lila is a little longer, Mari is in the middle and CC is the smallest. CC is a lot like Dungey, our sweet dark little runt girl. Lila is blonde and lean and long, I think her hair will be straighter like a golden, but her body shape might be more poodle like. Daffy is very chunky, round and golden. Mari is very quiet and sweet and actually has some nice waves in her coat, she should be curlier than everybody except Irish.

Here is Irish joining her sisters. She is about the same size as Lila. Irish has found her home and will be going home with Donna in October. And I think I have talked my husband into letting us keep Lila. So Daffy, Mari and CC are the girls that are still available.
Here is everybody! C.C., Daffy, Dungey and Lila in front and Poto, Reed, Irish and Mari (underneath) in back.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing......the girls

Irish (Bells of Ireland) is in green stripes. She is a champagne, ashy blonde and the curliest pup. And just a touch larger than Lila. This girl is a pistol! I think she will end up being the little alpha female of this litter. It is a little early to predict yet, and things can change, but so far, that is where she is headed. She does have her calm moments and will gladly snuggle in for a nap while she is being held. But when she is done sleeping and wants some food, she let's you know! Maybe she isn't alpha, maybe she is just hungry! She should end up looking a little more poodle/doodle like and I think she inherited a big chunk of those poodle brains!

Lila (Lilac) is in purple stripes. She is a very pretty creamy blonde, very much like her mom. She has a wavy coat and a very sweet calm personality. She is one of the larger girls, she seems to be a little longer and thinner - so who knows, either she needs to eat more or maybe she is going to be a lankier dog as she grows. She is also a really great cuddler and loves to be held and snuggles right into your neck. I am going to have a really hard time letting this one go.....who knows, maybe I won't!

Daffy (Daffodil) is in orange stripes. She is our middle girl, middle in color and size. She isn't really light and she certainly isn't dark, she is a gorgeous golden blonde. This girl has a little bit of spunk to her. She is already starting to play and is the first one to come up with a cute little bark that lets her mom (and me) know that she is hungry but can't quite find a nipple (those eyes still don't open for another 10 days or so). She has Sutter and I wrapped around her little finger. She must be the smart one!

Mari (Marigold) is in red stripes. She is the second darkest girl and also has a pretty straight coat, like C.C. she should end up looking more retriever than poodle. She has a very calm and laid back attitude and loves to be cuddled. The minute you pick her up, she snuggles in for a nap. One of my favorites to hold! This girl is going to be a lover!

C.C. (Chocolate Cosmos) is in purple. She is the smallest, darkest and straightest (and like Dungey) maybe the sweetest. This little girl is very nice, quiet and laid back. She is going to make a wonderful pet. I'm not sure what color to call her, she isn't really red, not really brown, not chocolate, maybe a mix of all these. I think she is going to end up looking more like a retriever than a poodle, but no matter what she looks like physically, this little girl's personality will shine through to make her absolutely gorgeous.

Introducing........the boys

Dungey (Ryan Dungey) is in orange. He is our smallest and darkest boy. I think he is also the sweetest. This little guy is so calm and cute. Definitely a mini-Sam. He seems to take after his dad in everyway. An awesome little guy (little for now anyway) that is going to be a very special pet for one lucky family.

Poto (Ryan Villapoto) is in teal. He is our medium boy, medium in color and size. He has some waves in his coat and while he likes to sleep in the puppy pile with his siblings, he warms right up to you when being held. Definitely a little guy who is just going to get better and better with some love, attention and affection. He just soaks it up!

Reed (Chad Reed) is in blue. He is the biggest and lightest colored male with the most curls. This guy is going to be a bruiser. He is beautiful, big and brainy (never has a problem finding that nipple!). He reminds me of Marlow from our first litter. I think he might even turn out to be as gorgeous and smart as Marlow!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 1

Well everybody has been weighed, named and give a collar. They are all very uniform in size, about 1 lb each, a couple of them are just an ounce or two under 1 lb. I will take individual pictures in the next day or two and describe the coat color and texture along with the collar color so you can tell who is who in the pictures. It takes Sutter a day or two to adjust to us taking them away from her. She doesn't mind if we hold them where she can see them, but if they start crying (like when I am weighing them) she gets upset. So I want to give her another day to get over it before we attempt individual photos. By 1 week, she doesn't mind anybody handling them, just the first day or two makes her anxious. Of course all of the boys were named after Jake and Josh's favorite dirtbike riders, Reed (Chad Reed), Dungey (Ryan Dungey) and Poto (Ryan Villapoto) and we named the girls after flowers, sort of....Lila (Lilac), Mari (Marigold), Irish (Bells of Ireland), C.C. (Chocolate Cosmos) and Daffy (Daffodil). C.C. is the really dark red one at the front with the lavender collar, a very sweet, quiet girl. And we can already tell that Irish is going to be full of it (hence her name) she is the champagne blonde girl (green stripes) right next to C.C. This is going to be fun.


They finally made it. 5 gorgeous girls and 3 handsome boys. Sutter and I were up all night and once we get some sleep I will get some pictures posted. Mom and babies are doing great. Sutter is being supermom and I can't keep up. She wants to nurse them every hour and they want to sleep on their warm heating pad. I think Sut wants to make sure her milk comes in, so she is barking at me to "help" her and wake them up and put them on her to nurse. It would be funny if I wasn't so tired. It should only take the pups a day to figure out that when they smell mom nearby, to make a bee line to her for food. So my job should be short lived. I am so happy with the variety of blonde colors, from dark to light and the different coats, one or two pretty curly, but most are medium or have straighter coats. There is one really dark blonde, reddish girl, one medium gold girl and 3 creamy blonde girls, and a dark, medium and light of the boys. I thought we were done at 7 pups (and 3 am!) and had just gotten all cleaned up and everybody nursing and I was settling in on the couch when I noticed her starting to contract and push again - that gave us the last, golden, boy. Life is good.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pono and Stella

Look at these two! Have you ever seen a happier team? Pono is from Sutter's first litter with Maxximus (the black standard poodle).

He was the last puppy from that litter to find a home, but did he ever find a great home. Stella had looked at the
litter of pups a couple of times but
just couldn't make a decision. But then, in the end, Pono chose her. This
just proves that the last pup is some-
times one of the best pups! I believe Stella has had Pono certified so that
he can go to work with her, they volunteer at a children's shelter and are both training for their first marathon. Doesn't get any better than that!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ready to Pop!

Two weeks ago in Tahoe she was looking pretty good and feeling nice and perky, ready to chase squirrels (or coyotes). And then today, it is hot, she is tired, and her tummy is HUGE! Poor girl. She gets to lay right by the vent, with the a/c blasting and scrambled eggs for dinner.

Big Boy Marlow from Sutter's litter with Maxximus in 2008

Here are some pics of Marlow. He is a pup from Sutter's first litter with a gorgeous black standard poodle named Maxximus. Max is a big boy at around 90lbs and his son seem to be catching up to him!! Marlow lives in Sacramento with his family who sends me pictures and updates. I love getting those! This guy is obviously well loved and I couldn't be happier with the home he found. Jen and Jason are great parents!

Here are some pictures of Sutter and Sam. They are both F1 Goldendoodles (50% golden retriever and 50% poodle) but, as you can see, they look nothing alike!! Sutter is about 45-50 lbs and a creamy blonde color with a fairly curly coat. Sam is about 70-75lbs and a reddish blonde color with a fairly straight coat. I am hoping that the mating between these two will produce a nice variety of blondes, from light to dark, with a good sampling of the different coat types, from curlier to straighter.

The pups from this litter will be considered F2 Goldendoodles and will hopefully be blessed with temperments like their parents. Both of these dogs as exceptionally smart, easily trained, huge people and kid lovers and make fabulous pets.

Any day now!

Well Sutter and Sam's long awaited litter should be here soon. Sutter's tummy is getting quite large and she is starting to move a little slower. I gave her a haircut the other day because she just seemed uncomfortably warm. I wanted to leave her coat long for potential puppy buyers to see and feel how gorgeous her coat is, but her comfort seemed more important. I will keep this blog updated about Sutter and her pups progress along with pictures once the pups actually arrive. In the meantime I will post some pics of Sutter, Sam (the sire of this litter) along with some pics of pups from previous litters.