Monday, August 10, 2009

Any day now!

Well Sutter and Sam's long awaited litter should be here soon. Sutter's tummy is getting quite large and she is starting to move a little slower. I gave her a haircut the other day because she just seemed uncomfortably warm. I wanted to leave her coat long for potential puppy buyers to see and feel how gorgeous her coat is, but her comfort seemed more important. I will keep this blog updated about Sutter and her pups progress along with pictures once the pups actually arrive. In the meantime I will post some pics of Sutter, Sam (the sire of this litter) along with some pics of pups from previous litters.


  1. Sheri, great pictures! and an even better job on the blog! Your a woman of many talents! Jen Myers

  2. Sherri,
    Can't wait, keep me informed. Going to Truckee Friday - Sunday with my high school buddies, but would appreciate an email to if the event happens.