Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing......the girls

Irish (Bells of Ireland) is in green stripes. She is a champagne, ashy blonde and the curliest pup. And just a touch larger than Lila. This girl is a pistol! I think she will end up being the little alpha female of this litter. It is a little early to predict yet, and things can change, but so far, that is where she is headed. She does have her calm moments and will gladly snuggle in for a nap while she is being held. But when she is done sleeping and wants some food, she let's you know! Maybe she isn't alpha, maybe she is just hungry! She should end up looking a little more poodle/doodle like and I think she inherited a big chunk of those poodle brains!

Lila (Lilac) is in purple stripes. She is a very pretty creamy blonde, very much like her mom. She has a wavy coat and a very sweet calm personality. She is one of the larger girls, she seems to be a little longer and thinner - so who knows, either she needs to eat more or maybe she is going to be a lankier dog as she grows. She is also a really great cuddler and loves to be held and snuggles right into your neck. I am going to have a really hard time letting this one go.....who knows, maybe I won't!

Daffy (Daffodil) is in orange stripes. She is our middle girl, middle in color and size. She isn't really light and she certainly isn't dark, she is a gorgeous golden blonde. This girl has a little bit of spunk to her. She is already starting to play and is the first one to come up with a cute little bark that lets her mom (and me) know that she is hungry but can't quite find a nipple (those eyes still don't open for another 10 days or so). She has Sutter and I wrapped around her little finger. She must be the smart one!

Mari (Marigold) is in red stripes. She is the second darkest girl and also has a pretty straight coat, like C.C. she should end up looking more retriever than poodle. She has a very calm and laid back attitude and loves to be cuddled. The minute you pick her up, she snuggles in for a nap. One of my favorites to hold! This girl is going to be a lover!

C.C. (Chocolate Cosmos) is in purple. She is the smallest, darkest and straightest (and like Dungey) maybe the sweetest. This little girl is very nice, quiet and laid back. She is going to make a wonderful pet. I'm not sure what color to call her, she isn't really red, not really brown, not chocolate, maybe a mix of all these. I think she is going to end up looking more like a retriever than a poodle, but no matter what she looks like physically, this little girl's personality will shine through to make her absolutely gorgeous.

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