Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing........the boys

Dungey (Ryan Dungey) is in orange. He is our smallest and darkest boy. I think he is also the sweetest. This little guy is so calm and cute. Definitely a mini-Sam. He seems to take after his dad in everyway. An awesome little guy (little for now anyway) that is going to be a very special pet for one lucky family.

Poto (Ryan Villapoto) is in teal. He is our medium boy, medium in color and size. He has some waves in his coat and while he likes to sleep in the puppy pile with his siblings, he warms right up to you when being held. Definitely a little guy who is just going to get better and better with some love, attention and affection. He just soaks it up!

Reed (Chad Reed) is in blue. He is the biggest and lightest colored male with the most curls. This guy is going to be a bruiser. He is beautiful, big and brainy (never has a problem finding that nipple!). He reminds me of Marlow from our first litter. I think he might even turn out to be as gorgeous and smart as Marlow!

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