Saturday, August 22, 2009

1 week old (well 8-9 days)

Everybody has just about doubled their weight and is right around 2 lbs. Poto and Reed are the biggest, which is very surprising to us. We had labeled Poto as the one who could never find a nipple and Reed as the very laid back one who would rather sleep than do anything else. But obviously we were wrong because they are the biggest!!! Dungey (the darkest boy) and CC (the darkest girl) are the two smallest at about 1.75 lbs. Sutter is starting to space out the feedings and is actually getting out of the whelping box for an hour or two at a time. A nice break for her and they are learning to sleep on their own, without mom, and have been fairly quiet at night. So a full night's sleep for me the last 2 or 3 nights. Yeah! The picture below is of the 3 boys, Reed, Dungey and Poto on top.

Here is a close up of Poto's face as he sleeps on his brothers. He is turning into quite a looker with that big chunky golden retriever head! It is about the same size as Reed's now. Dungey is our sweet little runt boy, the one who is going to be most like his dad in personality and color. He would be awesome for a family with small children.

Here are 4 of the girls. Lila, Daffy and Mari sleeping on CC. Daffy is the heaviest girl, but I think Lila is a little longer, Mari is in the middle and CC is the smallest. CC is a lot like Dungey, our sweet dark little runt girl. Lila is blonde and lean and long, I think her hair will be straighter like a golden, but her body shape might be more poodle like. Daffy is very chunky, round and golden. Mari is very quiet and sweet and actually has some nice waves in her coat, she should be curlier than everybody except Irish.

Here is Irish joining her sisters. She is about the same size as Lila. Irish has found her home and will be going home with Donna in October. And I think I have talked my husband into letting us keep Lila. So Daffy, Mari and CC are the girls that are still available.
Here is everybody! C.C., Daffy, Dungey and Lila in front and Poto, Reed, Irish and Mari (underneath) in back.

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