Wednesday, August 26, 2009

By the way....

I realized that I put pricing in the ad in the Sac Bee but didn't list it on here - for those that have heard about the pups without seeing the ad.... the price for a pup is $975, and a $300 deposit will hold your choice of pup for you. (Irish and Lila are spoken for already and somebody is thinking very hard about Dungey)

Their eyes are starting to open, most of them have the inside corners open and a couple (Dungey, Irish, and Reed) have an their eyes almost all the way open. I should be able to get some decent pics of them showing their new eyes in the next couple of days and post them. They are getting cuter and cuter! I think Sutter is down to 1 feeding a night for them. So soon they should be sleeping through the night. Pretty good for not even 2 weeks old. I will start them on a mixture of blended puppy food and formula at 3 weeks and Sutter might still supplement with a feeding at night - at least until their teeth get too sharp. They are going to a dirt bike race with us this weekend. It should be interesting. We are putting together a make shift whelping box in the dinette area of the motorhome. So they will be contained but Sutter will still be able to get to them. I hope we get some sleep! My younger son Josh is begging me to take the puppies into his classroom to show everybody. I talked to his teacher and we agreed that it would be best for the pups and the kids for me to just bring 1 pup at the very end of class. So today I am taking Lila in - I might hide her in one of those little doggie carrying bags that women use for their little toy dogs so I don't get mobbed from all the other kids getting out of class. It can be overwhelming with that many hands (germy!) reaching to pet a pup. I am sure Lila will sleep through the whole things, but I will be a wreck!

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