Monday, August 10, 2009

Here are some pictures of Sutter and Sam. They are both F1 Goldendoodles (50% golden retriever and 50% poodle) but, as you can see, they look nothing alike!! Sutter is about 45-50 lbs and a creamy blonde color with a fairly curly coat. Sam is about 70-75lbs and a reddish blonde color with a fairly straight coat. I am hoping that the mating between these two will produce a nice variety of blondes, from light to dark, with a good sampling of the different coat types, from curlier to straighter.

The pups from this litter will be considered F2 Goldendoodles and will hopefully be blessed with temperments like their parents. Both of these dogs as exceptionally smart, easily trained, huge people and kid lovers and make fabulous pets.

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