Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Eyes Are Open!

Hey, we can see! This is Poto showing me his eyes. He is hoping I am Sutter and he can get a free meal. Before today, Sutter would have to jump in their box and they would smell her, feel the vibration of her jumping in and maybe hear her before they started scrambling for a nipple, but now they are looking around for her. She can't walk by the box and stick her head in and check on them like she used to. Now they smell her, hear her and see her. Puppy pandemonium! "Mom, can't you see we are starving!" Poto especially isn't starving, he is the heaviest at almost 3 lbs.

CC is too busy sleeping to show me her open eyes. She just ate and needed her beauty sleep. It is hard to get pics of them with their eyes open. They are either sleeping or eating. Not much of anything else. I have seen the beginnings of play time. Dungey was chewing on one of his sisters last night and she turned around and grabbed his leg. So I bet in the next couple of days they will figure out it is fun to play and start sleeping less - then I will be able to get pics and some cute video.
Sutter is just getting mauled by these guys! They have gotten so big. I might need to start supplementing their food before 3 weeks if they keep growing like this.

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