Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 1

Well everybody has been weighed, named and give a collar. They are all very uniform in size, about 1 lb each, a couple of them are just an ounce or two under 1 lb. I will take individual pictures in the next day or two and describe the coat color and texture along with the collar color so you can tell who is who in the pictures. It takes Sutter a day or two to adjust to us taking them away from her. She doesn't mind if we hold them where she can see them, but if they start crying (like when I am weighing them) she gets upset. So I want to give her another day to get over it before we attempt individual photos. By 1 week, she doesn't mind anybody handling them, just the first day or two makes her anxious. Of course all of the boys were named after Jake and Josh's favorite dirtbike riders, Reed (Chad Reed), Dungey (Ryan Dungey) and Poto (Ryan Villapoto) and we named the girls after flowers, sort of....Lila (Lilac), Mari (Marigold), Irish (Bells of Ireland), C.C. (Chocolate Cosmos) and Daffy (Daffodil). C.C. is the really dark red one at the front with the lavender collar, a very sweet, quiet girl. And we can already tell that Irish is going to be full of it (hence her name) she is the champagne blonde girl (green stripes) right next to C.C. This is going to be fun.

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