Saturday, August 22, 2009

More pups!

This big guy is Farley! He is the single pup that came from Sutter and Sam's last mating (I was off on the timing of the mating obviously). He is 8 months old and 65 lbs in this picture. As you can see, he definitely looks more like a golden retriever than a doodle. But his family is happy to report that he does not shed. Yeah!! They love him to pieces and say he is great with their older goldendoodle, Cassidy and is an extremely quick learner, very bright, sweet and totally devoted to them. They say on his walks in the park he doesn't need a leash and never wanders too far from them. Originally Liz had wanted a blonde female goldendoodle just like her beloved Cassidy who is getting up there in age. So her children purchased a pup from my next litter for her as a Christmas gift. But then the next litter ended up being just Farley - definitely not a curly, blonde female. Liz decided to wait for her girl until the next litter but in the meantime paid Sutter and her one little red boy a visit. Well, sometimes these pups make our decisions for us and Liz ended up with the exact opposite of what she planned. But she said she couldn't be happier and wouldn't want it any other way. I believe that most of the pups from this litter will have the straighter coat like Farley does.

These pics are of Cali and Roux. Two curly blonde girls from Sutters first litter with Maxximus, the black poodle. Roux's parents Ashley and Ben were one of the first people to purchase a pup from that litter and I think Ashely went home and told the whole world about these pups. She ended up having her mother-in-law, Donna, purchase Cali, the other blonde female, and her good friends Jason and Jen purchase Marlow, the big blonde male. So Cali and Roux get to play together often and also see Marlow. A big happy doodle family! The above pic is Cali playing frisbee with her mom at the ocean. And below are Cali and Roux at about 3 months taking a break from playtime.

And this is a young Cali looking cute at the ocean. I think Cali is the girl from this litter that looks the most like Sutter and her mom, Donna, loves her so much she decided to take home Irish from this litter and might even breed her when she turns 2 years old.

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