Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Again!!!

Poor little Dungey. My sweet little curly boy. First, my friend picked him out as a gift for her mother-in-law. So I kind of had him earmarked as "sold" for her. But then her mother-in-law decided she needed to wait until next summer for a new pup.

Then, Penny, the owner of the stud Sam, picked him out as her pick of the litter to take home and raise with his dad. So then he was set aside again as "sold" for Penny. But Penny decided her friend Nancy needed a pup more than she did, so she gave her pick of the litter to Nancy. And Nancy fell in love with Poto/Sherman. So Dungey was homeless again!!!!

Then Lori came over and decided she wanted him, that he would be the perfect companion for her in her retirement years and would help her get over her fear of big dogs. So one more time, this guy was "sold". But then today Lori tells me that her homeowners association only allows small dogs, not large ones. Well he isn't going to be small!!! So now the poor guy is back to being "available" and homeless.

Who wouldn't love that face. So now I need to find him a good home again. He has really changed in the last couple of weeks. He is getting BIG. Only Sherman is bigger than he is. And he is getting fluffy, he is definitely going to have that curly, hypo-allergenic, shed free coat. He has also gained his confidence and is always one of the first pups to look me in the eye and say hello when he sees me. I can also always count on him to come when I call (not all of the pups pay attention to me!). He is becoming my little buddy. He is learning to not jump up on me when he wants me to pick him up, he is sitting patiently and giving me a sad look with his big brown eyes, which always gets him picked up and then I am covered in kisses. He is going to make somebody an excellent best friend.

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