Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rubicon at 9 weeks

Everything is going great with little Rubicon. She loves her bed and always takes her naps on it. It has been a lot easier than I expected having her join our family. I was worried Sutter would be jealous or feel neglected since she has had us all to herself for 3 years now. But Sutter loves her the most. Sutter actually stares at her and waits for her to wake up when she is napping so they can play. We have been very careful to do the things that have been suggested in books to make sure there aren't any dominance struggles, we always greet Sutter first, let her out the door first, feed her first, etc. Ruby doesn't seem to mind at all and Sutter doesn't feel threatened. Before, when we would sneak pups upstairs to our room to snuggle (before they went to their new homes) Sutter didn't really want them on our bed, or her dog bed. Those were "her" areas. Now when Ruby is on our bed, Sutter jumps up and joins her and they end up wrestling and playing and both getting kicked off. And Ruby is always welcome on Sutter's dog bed (of course that usually turns into a wrestling match as well, but allowed on the floor)

Here they are in action. Sutter acts like more of a puppy now than Ruby does. I think she has regressed to about 6 months old. She is hopping around and always smiling and just can't wait to play with her new best friend.
Playtime. Maybe that is why Rubicon is so easy, she is always tired from playing with mom!

I think she needs a trim, can't even see her eyes anymore!

I have a feeling I won't be trimming Ruby's hair nearly as much as I trim Sutters!

Hey, she actually looks at me now! And she has been sleeping in her crate, with the door closed in our room for the last couple of nights without waking up at all through the night. I think she will get moved into one of the boys rooms tonight. I can't believe I actually have a crate trained puppy! It is a miracle. Now if we could just get the potty training down.......

I think she is trying to tell me that it wasn't her who chewed up the edges of the deck, it was all those other pups that left already. Right!
She really is a sweet little girl. When people come over to visit, it is Sutter that I have to contain and is jumping around like an idiot greeting them. Rubicon quietly sits there, watching her mom act like a freak and waits for them to greet her. And I said I wasn't going to use treats for training....well that didn't last. I am using treats in a little plastic container with a lid. You get them used to the sound the cup makes when you shake it and they learn to respond to the command and the noise of the treats in the cup and it is working great. She is learning her name and to come when she is called. And we are teaching her the names of everybody in the family - Sutter is usually around and getting her nose in on the training times, so maybe the old dog will pick up some new tricks too and start acting like the 4 year old lady she should be! The only place we are not having a break through is on the leash training. She does not like being lead around by the leash. So we will keep working on it.

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