Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Pictures!

They aren't liking the corral as much, they want to be free!!! All the time. The minute they see me, they beg to be let out. So I am spending a lot more time in the backyard with them. Good thing we have been having such nice weather.

Sutter is loving this part of motherhood. She is acting like a pup herself. She is constantly letting me know it is time for them to wake up and play (even if they are still asleep, SHE thinks it is time for them to wake up)

Dungey and mom.

Dungey taking a break.

Don't those two coats look alike? And who else is bold enough to go up and grab mom's tail? Only Irish.

Here is the little stuffed animal posing for pictures.

And here she is playing queen of the stump in the backyard.

Here is Kona, playing upon the retaining wall in the rocks. She wasn't brave enough to venture up there a couple of days ago, now......anything is possible!

I was trying to get a picture of the curls on her ears, can't really see them here, but I promise, they are cute!

Sherman and Kona, who would have thought a wood pile would entertain them for so long?

Here is CC and her little bottle brush whiskers.

Here is Chase playing with Garfield.
And here he is doing his staring thing. "If I just nicely stare at the door instead of jumping on it like everybody else, maybe it will open"

And check this out, this is Ruby and she looks like poor our old yellow lab, Shasta, back when she was in her prime and pointing out a pheasant in the field. See I told you I ended up with a lab, not a goldendoodle!
But she is little and lean and can curl up really small to sleep, just like Sutter. That will be good for traveling in the motorhome!
But she is cute, in her own way! Even is she if eating the bushes.

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