Sunday, October 4, 2009

Puppy pick-ups this week

I know many of you are coming this week to pick up your pups. I think they are fine to go home anytime this week, but most of you have planned to pick them up between Wednesday and Saturday. I am going to be busy most of the day on Tuesday (at a field trip with Josh's 3rd grade class) and then I have to do my "real" job and set up a wedding Saturday morning. I should be done around 11am, but call me and I will confirm the timing. The rest of the week I am pretty flexible and should be available whenever you are. But give me a heads up, especially those of you that have a long drive so I don't let your pup have a big meal before you put them in your car. It is really quite common for them to get car sick at this age and most of the time they outgrow it before they are a year old. But it helps to take them on an empty stomach as much as possible. And don't leave without getting your copy of the information from the vet, your CD of puppy pictures and the signed puppy contract. If I get distracted or emotional saying goodbye to these little guys, I might forget!

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