Sunday, October 4, 2009

All about the Girls!

I am in love with Kona today (it is a different dog everyday, maybe even every hour that is my new favorite). She is so funny. Her hair is growing, not as fluffy as Irish and Dungey, but fluffier than some. But she is getting little curls on the tops of her ears that look hilarious. She constantly looks like she has bed head. She used to be one of the quieter, shier little girls that kind of blended in, she didn't really jump out at you personality wise. Well she is starting to jump out! I think the best way to describe her personality is perky. So is so happy and hopping around, ready to play with anybody. And now she isn't such a follower, she heads out on her own looking for her own adventures, and usually finds something to entertain herself. A new stick, now toy, new area of the yard she hasn't explored yet. But she is also getting a lot bolder about approaching people. Half the time when I have a puppy attached to my leg these days, it is Kona! She loves to have a person to play with! And when she hears the screen door open, most of the pups head for the kitchen because they know it is feeding time. Kona detours into the family room looking for a person or toy to pounce on. Who needs to eat when you can play and jump on the couch and chew on real live fingers?
CC is the little speed demon. She is the smallest pup, but the fastest! And at this point I think she is the most physically coordinated too. But she is like a little cheetah, she burns that energy up quick and then turns into lazy lump. She is one of the pups that you can usually count on to sit in your arms calmly, no matter what her mood is or the time of day. Sometimes if the pups are busy playing, they don't want to sit still and snuggle, they are too busy. CC is rarely too busy for a snuggle and if she is tired, she just passes out in your lap. She is getting little whiskers too, I think the beginning of her doodle beard. One of the cutest little faces I have ever seen, especially with those little whispy whiskers. And as most of you know, I am a blonde dog lover. I almost always prefer the lighter dogs, but this little girl, the darkest in the litter, is definitely one of the prettiest. I think it is her personality that makes her extra cute - even to those that usually prefer blondes!
Irish looks like a stuffed animal. She is so fluffy and adorable looking, she almost doesn't look real. All those curls make her look big, but when you pick her up, you realize she is all hair and really isn't much bigger than CC. So she is a petite stuffed animal! Irish has always been my little pistol. But talk about a sweet little pistol, not a bully, not the alpha girl that I thought she would be, just bouncy and happy and up for anything. She will play with anybody or anything. She is one of the few pups that actually crawls all over Sutter begging her to play with them. Some of the pups are a little intimidated by Sutter when they play, they are still looking at her as either the milk truck or the disciplinarian. Not Irish. I think she would walk up to anybody or anything and ask them to play. And her eyes are so expressive that you know exactly what she is thinking. And she usually answers me with a little yip when I ask her a question, so I feel like we are having a conversation and completely understand one another. If Irish and Ruby weren't polar opposites in their physical appearance, and I could get a way with pulling a switcheroo on Donna (Irish's owner) I think I might be tempted!!! I am hoping that I am so drawn to Irish because she is so much like Sutter. And that once Irish leaves, I will realize that one Sutter is enough and I will start to bond more with Ruby.
And speaking of Ruby. I am not quite sure how I ended up keeping the doodle that looks like a yellow lab and nothing like a doodle at all??? And I am keeping the one pup that wants absolutely nothing to do with me. She rarely seeks me out, and when she does, I feel like it is a miracle and try not to go overboard on the affection so she won't feel smothered and might actually come back to me again! I know we chose her because she was sooo mellow in the beginning. But not so much anymore! She is full of energy and can get crazy, and she doesn't quite calm down as quickly as some. She is also a little shy, so I think that is why she isn't so affectionate or ready to approach people. At least that is what I am hoping. But it isn't all bad, don't feel too sorry for son Josh absolutely loves her. Jake likes her too, but he would have been fine with keeping just about any of the pups. He is like me, he has a new favorite everyday. But it is becoming a family joke that Ruby isn't "our" dog, she is Josh's dog. And he is just fine with that. My husband is still wondering why he even agreed to keep a pup, he was adamant about never becoming more than a 1 dog family again. At one point we were a 3 dog family, never gonna happen again! But today we were going to visit some friends and he told me to grab our pup and bring her along. I really didn't want to because she had just eaten and I was worried about her getting car sick and asked him why we were bringing her, did one of our friends really ask to see her or something? He said no, but if she is going to fit in with this family, she better get used to hopping in the truck and going along with us. And of course we were going over to see a friend's new dirtbike, so she has to get used to hanging out in a garage, with dirtbikes starting up and kids riding bikes and scooters all around, controlled chaos - a typical Sunday for us. But there was a light at the end of this tunnel.......I finally feel like Ruby and I did some bonding. Yeah!!! She was walking around (of course I had to be really careful because she hasn't had all her shots) and the noise, kids, bikes, dirtbikes, weren't bothering her at all, but one of the kids pulled out a pogo stick. Well the noise from that scared her, and she looked around and actually came running to me for comfort!!! I think there is hope for us!
And Daffy/Sally......she went home to her new family on Friday. She was going all the way to Bakersfield and it was easier for her new family to make that long drive last Friday than to wait until next weekend. And Daffy is such a nice, easy girl with such a great temperment, I don't think the extra week of socialization was totally necessary for her. I drove part of the way to meet Heather with Daffy on my lap - and as a warning to all of you with long drives - she did get car sick. Her breakfast ended up all over my lap. So extra towels in your car for pick up! She also cried for most of the hour or so that I was driving with her, but I think that was just because she didn't feel good, she had the drooling going on and you could tell she didn't feel good. She was able to settle down after she finally threw up and Heather told me that she cried for about the first 30 minutes of their drive and then slept in her daughter's lap. Phew! I am sure she was exhausted by then. But she is settling in well. I heard she made it until 4 am on her first night in her new home in the crate, then got up to go potty and was up for a little while, then back to bed. Heather has sent me some really cute pictures of the pup and her new kids. I will try to get them posted. They really love her and are very happy with her. Yeah!!! I need to stop calling her Daffy because her new name is Sally. Their yorkshire terrier's name is Charlie after Charlie Brown, so of course they had to name her Sally (Brown), especially because she has yellow hair. I think she is going to fit right in with their family and hopefully all will be very happy.

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