Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playdate with Sherman

Sherman came over to play with Sutter and Ruby today. Sutter LOVED seeing him, Ruby wasn't so sure about it. At first she was a little afraid of him. He came bounding in ready to play and she backed into a corner, with him coming right after her and she was scared! But I sent him outside to play with his mom and Ruby watched them for a while and then joined them. Nancy thought a playdate would be good for Sherman and maybe she would have one night of relief from his constant chewing on her if he was really tired! He also seemed to be getting a little full of himself and she thought a little lesson in manners from his mom might be a good idea. Sherman was here from about 1pm until about 6pm and Sutter spent the whole first hour teaching him who was boss (again). She was relentless and it got kind of loud at times, but I think it was really good for Sherman. By the end of the afternoon he was back to a sweet little boy instead of being so cocky and full of testasterone. And once Sutter was done teaching him who was in charge, Ruby took a crack at him. I was really surprised at her reaction, first she was unsure and a little fearful and then she got really jealous. After Sutter had spent some time with Sherman, I was outside giving him some attention and Ruby just wasn't okay with me loving another dog. She got mad and went after him. You would think a big tough guy like Sherman wouldn't take that from a little girl who was afraid of him just an hour before, but he backed off and acted like a submissive pup and rolled over on his back for her (I think the hour spent with Sutter taught him that was the correct move). So then Sutter and I spent time correcting Ruby when she went after Sherman until she grudgingly accepted his presence and let us both shower him with affection. So this socializing little playdate was wonderful for both of them. By the end of the afternoon, she seemed to get over her jealousy, she had to share her mom and me - what a tough lesson to learn - and they were playing nicely and having fun. I think a couple of more playdates is definitely in order for both of them. I hope all of you are able to find other dogs for your pups to play with. This is the best time for them to learn how to get along with other dogs and what is expected of them during playtime. AND it has the added bonus of wearing them out so you can cuddle and snuggle with them without getting chewed on!

This is Ruby mid-afternoon wondering when that fluffy boy was finally going to leave

Good times, nothing like a little tug of war with mom!

Ruby hiding under the kitchen table, she wanted no part of that. Especially after she got in trouble for being mean to that boy getting all of HER mom's attention.

I think this was the one time Sherman took a little break. He was tireless, like an energizer bunny. He might have taken a nap, but I think everytime he started to settle down, something distracted him (a kid, a toy, Sutter, anything) and he didn't want to waste time sleeping when there was something more exciting to do. Sleeping is for when he is home alone, not when there is somebody around to play with!

Here they are playing nicely....

Here he looks like the demon pup! It really wasn't that bad, it was actually pretty funny.

Once Sutter had him where he knew she was the one in charge, she let him climb all over her, chew on her, anything he wanted. He got a little carried away a couple of times and she had to remind him how to play nicely, but he did really well overall.

Look at the teeth from those crazy dogs!

Sherman certainly didn't hold a grudge against Ruby. He was trying to kiss up to her and begging her to play with him.

And she did. They had a great time (when he wasn't trying to mount her - male hormones!)

What a sweet boy. We were so happy to see him and can't wait to have him over again. Nancy is going on vacation in a few weeks and we are hoping to help out with puppy sitting. Sherman is supposed to be staying with his dad, Sam and Penny, but I hope they won't mind sharing him.

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