Monday, April 26, 2010


Well at first it seemed like Sutter was definitely pregnant. She even had a touch of morning sickness in week 3. And as we got to week 4, I could feel little walnuts in her uterus. I thought I felt 2, maybe 3. Usually for a full litter I can feel at least 4. I wasn't worried, yet. But as we got to week7, I usually can feel and see the puppies moving around. And her tummy just isn't that big. I was worried that it was too soon in her cycle to have bred her again - and it definitely was, I just got overly excited about having spring/summer puppies instead of fall/winter puppies. I should have waited until NEXT summer. So my fear was that there was going to be a litter of just one puppy again. Well that puppy turned out just fine, but it was miserable for us. A litter of 8 or 9 pups is easier that a single pup, believe it or not! But thankfully over the last 3-4 days I have been seeing and feeling pups move in her tummy and am pretty positive that there are at least 2 pups, maybe even 3 or 4! So not a full litter, but more than ONE!!! Yeah!!! I had her due date calculated at 4/25ish. Well that hasn't happened and since I was off on calculating her cycle, I am betting her due date is off about a week or so. That is why I couldn't feel puppies moving earlier! Sutter's eggs must have dropped about a week or so later than I thought and these pups have another week or so to cook before they come out!
So now I am revamping my plans and am actually excited for a smaller, more manageable litter. I was going to miss a couple of my boys dirtbike races and a trip to Oregon for a National race in June, but I think 2-4 pups can easily travel with us!
And this is going to be so much easier on Sutter. She is still bouncing around, jumping up the retaining wall in the backyard, jumping on my bed, not avoiding the stairs, etc. I just cut her hair off and she is a happy girl. I bet she will think nursing half a litter is a piece of cake! I know cleaning up after them will be a lot easier for me!
I have pics of pups from previous litters have I will post so everybody can see their progress and how cute they all are. I will get them up today.

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