Friday, May 21, 2010

2 1/2 weeks old

Loving this little litter of pups. Their eyes are open and they are starting to stumble around and test out their legs and even a little bit of playing going on. They are big for their age, of course 4 puppies and 10 nipples equals plenty of milk. I am going to start them on puppy food soaked in formula and processed in the blender this weekend. I think they are totally ready for it!

Their little personalities are starting to show. The big boy, Turbo, is outgoing, playful, and a ton of fun. Sugar is a lot like Turbo, outgoing, playful and a real tail wagger. Cinnamon is coming into her own and starting to play and have fun with her brother and sisters. She lets them start the playtime, watches them for a few, then picks the perfect moment to jump in and join them. Honey is the smallest, quietest one. Very sweet and calm. She plays and likes to be in the middle of her pack, just doesn't initiate any of the silliness (yet!).

Turbo on top of his sisters, getting ready for a nap.

Sugar yawning!

Honey checking out where Cinnamon is headed.

Turbo - looking around to see if the milk truck is joining them. He is always the first one ready for meal time!

Turbo and Sugar, distracted from playtime by their mom walking by. I'm not so sure they see her as much as they smell her and hear her. They are just starting to use their eyes.

This is typical Honey and Cinnamon, while Sugar and Turbo get all excited looking for their mom and feeding time, these two hang out and wait a little more calmly until she actually jumps in the whelping box with them - then it is a race to the nipples!

Honey waiting patiently!!! She reminds me of Chase from the last litter, so polite.

Sutter is glad there is only 4 of them! They are getting sooo big. It is almost time to relieve her of the menial tasks of feeding and cleaning them - now my work starts! And she gets to concentrate on shaping their little personalities and teaching them how to be nice litter mates and get a long with each other and get ready for their new families.

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